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What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is probably the best archiving utility and file compresser out there. I’ve been using this compression and archiving program since version 3.0 and I must say that I’ve never seen any other program that has been able to handle this many archive types. It is also very easy to use. This WinRAR download has a simple, clean and intuitive user interface, and it shouldn’t take too long before you get the hang of it.


WinRAR free download supports the ZIP format just like all the other archive programs, but the thing with this program is that it has a superior compression rate compared to the other ones when using the .rar file type.

The feature that I like the most is that when you right click files you get different options in the Windows menu, this makes the extracting and archiving quite simple. You may also archive files into an existing archive on the fly and you can password protect it which will always be a nice option to have, especially for your sensitive files. The password protection and encryption is quite strong, it will definitely keep your files safe. If you are backing up files to CDs then you’ll find the compression and password protection that comes with this WinRAR free download quite beneficial as you will be able to store much more information on each CD. This will save you some money as these discs can be pretty expensive in the long run.

WinRAR – The Size Solution


A fun and handy feature with this WinRAR download is that when you create an archive you can select the self-extraction option. This option will make your archive into and executable file, and when you run that file then your archive will be automatically extracted to the path that you specified. It will also create predetermined foldes if you specify any. This could save you quite a lot of time in the long run.

If you consider yourself a serious computer user then you just can’t go without this free WinRAR download. This program will probably stay in my arsenal of useful utilities for a long time, and while you might have your own preferences I strongly suggest that you give this program a go as I’m sure you’ll like it. I simply wish for everyone to know about the compression format that is rar.

I wouldn’t give this program less than 10/10 as I have used it for a long time and I’ve never had any programs with it. I recommend that you get this WinRAR free download today as you will get a 40 day trial period that is completely free and without any ads. If you like the program then you can also purchase it from Rarlab, you will find a download button below.


WinRAR Free Download

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